Renesas and Airbiquity target ADAS with secure OTA-capable solution

Renesas Electronics, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and Airbiquity, a leading provider of connected vehicle services, have announced working together for delivering secure solution for the automobile industry.

The companies will use their expertise that will see development of a secure, high-performance automotive solution with over-the-air (OTA) capabilities, targeting advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle-to-everything (V2X), and automated driving applications of the future.

In the quest to prepare for the upcoming autonomous-driving era, the two companies are integrating Airbiquity’s OTAmatic, its cloud-based OTA software and data management service delivery solution on Renesas’ high-performance, low-power R-Car H3 automotive computing platform. The combined solution based on the R-Car H3 system-on-chip (SoC) is compliant with the ISO 26262 safety functionality (FuSa) standard, which the companies say brings a powerful, efficient, and secure automotive computing platform with highly targeted and scalable on-demand OTA software update and data management capabilities.

Renesas says with the increasing dependency on software, electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, and microprocessors (MCUs) to power emerging autonomous vehicle systems and features—combined with the intricacy and complexity of securely managing OTA software updates and data collection for millions of vehicles simultaneously—has spurred a demand for an automotive-grade solution comprised of high-performance telematics processors that is backed by a robust OTA software update and data management solution.

“It’s clear that future connected vehicles will require a combination of sophisticated on-board processing power and the ability to securely perform software updates remotely. The integration of Renesas SoC technology and Airbiquity OTA service delivery provides a market-leading option for automotive customers that is available today,” said John Tuttle, VP Engineering at Airbiquity.

Craig Johnson, director, Automotive Advanced Systems Innovation Department, Automotive System Business Division at Renesas, said: “Airbiquity OTA service delivery is a perfect complement to Renesas R-Car SoC processor technology for the autonomous-driving era. Bringing the two together enables an efficient, secure, high-performance solution to power the next wave of advanced vehicle features for automakers and automotive suppliers around the world.”


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