Comment on Billions to be wasted on ‘unnecessary’ gas projects, study says by Mike Parr

Couple of questions the politicos might care to raise wrt to ALL PCIs.

Electricity: have all possible tech options been explored, does the option proposed deliver the best value for money – keeping in mind that regulated entities such as TSOs are remunerated on their asset base – they just love to build very expensive assets. Evidence for this? : the Perpignan – Figueras HVDC link (it would have been quite possible to have build a double circuit 400kV overhead line that followed the motorway (Perpignan – Barcelona) but no – the dolts blew €800 million on digging a tunnel – through a mountain. The overhead line would have cost one tenth of the HVDC link & delivered the same result.

In the case of gas: why subsidies? Why not allow each project to stand (or fall) on its own two commercial legs. Related question: are any of these gas projects designed to carry hydrogen i.e. could they be converted at low/no cost to carry H2. If not – why not?

With the PCIs I get more than a whiff of corporate socialism …….network operators (i.e monopolists) pretending to be capitalists when it suits them …..& then running to mummy aka the European Union and its funding agencies when funding is needed for big stuff: for those reading this that have teenagers – this scenario should sound familiar – the EU – the “bank of mum & dad” wrt the networks…..daaad, I need a new pair of trainers/i-pad/gas pipeline/electricity interconnector etc teenagers eh! time they grew up……....

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