Investigating Network Efficiency Improvement Measures Using Simulation Technique in Mirpur Area

Publication year: 2019Source: International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Volume 8, Number 1

Shah Muniruzzaman, Muntahith Orvin, Md. Hadiuzzaman, Samin Wasif, Selina Nasrin

Traffic engineers and planners need information about traffic for planning and designing purpose. Traffic survey are the means of obtaining various data. Survey aims to capture data that accurately reflects the real-world traffic situation in a particular area. It includes determination of volume of traffic, peak hour congestion, traffic composition. It also depicts a complete traffic scenario of a certain area of interest. A traffic study was conducted in the Mirpur cantonment area of Dhaka city to analyze the scenario of the prevailing traffic condition. The traffic is heterogeneous and comprises of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and non-motorized vehicles (NMV). Inside the Mirpur Cantonment area, flow is relatively lower than any other typical area of Dhaka. This study generates simulation done by microsimulation software-VISSIM using the field data. After calibration, the evaluation parameters are determined. The paper also depicts the future traffic scenario of the studied area simulated by VISSIM. Eventually, the study suggests few measures so that the increased traffic can be efficiently managed and circulated....

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Tags: [+]transport road roads highway Parma intelligent transportation Intelligent Transportation Systems traffic flow model Traffic Condition International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Fonte: International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering