Smart Transportation Methods - Resolving Traffic Congestions

Publication year: 2019Source: International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Volume 8, Number 1

Raghavendra Devidas, Hrushikesh Srinivasachar, Dayakar Devaraiah, Jayashree Babu

Commuting between any two points in urban areas with a high density of population and vehicles, with a low commute time is one of the greatest challenges. As we understand during the course of study of solutions to aforementioned challenge there are many solutions attempted by building many flyovers & underpasses etc. But none of them have been able to address the Traffic chaos situations. Especially in the developing economies in Asia the demands are high for infrastructure. And the challenges are not any low in Europe and US. After a deep study and analysis on the existing techniques employed to address this problem, and their limitations we propose this novel idea to address Traffic congestion issues. With our research & observations at Silk Board Junction in Bangalore, one of the busiest junctions at different time frames, we are confident that this would result in a great reduction of commute time to an order of up to 50%. This manuscript is prepared for resolving the challenges of traffic management, using the latest transportation technologies and engineering. This is a new method of handling Traffic congestions in urban areas. Keys highlights of the idea are listed below. Ÿ The idea offers great advantages such as reduced commute time overall, better traffic movement. Ÿ Very low additional expenditure (infrastructure) in comparison with other conventional solutions tried. Ÿ Best suit for densely populated cities with ultra-modern urban infrastructure. Ÿ Can also be implemented in cities of Developing countries. Ÿ Increase the number of vehicles crossing a traffic signal per unit time by accelerating before the signal.Ÿ Simple re-ordering of the infrastructure components helps in resolving traffic bottlenecks....

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